Reason to work with us

Dynamic work environment - We believe in getting the job done more than how it is done. That is exactly why you will find yourself in the office one day and on the venue another. And as far as venues go, it could just be any of the cities where the event is being organized.

Work group - Our company comprises of a young and enthusiast workforce. This gives the interns an unprecedented level of comfort and a fair level of understanding regarding students expectations on our side.

Exposure - The nature of our workshops and training programs are such that the interns will exposed to complex technical issues and expected to figure out solutions with qualified assistance.

While learning - Ours is a growing company and thus we keep incorporating new projects, ideas and innovations that come in our way. This gives the employee exposure in various profiles along with the profile for which they were hired. They adopt new skills and responsibilities to utilize and accelerate their talents and knowledge. This will enable the employees to offer much more as an individual.