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The founders of Elite Techno Groups, Himanshu Arora found it in themselves to respond to the need of industry ready engineers in the mechanical/automobile segment. Elite Techno Groups work towards helping students embrace the industry requirements by exposing them to real world scenarios and providing them with the impetus to apply their skills and knowledge to tackle the issues presented.


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How We Do

Elite Techno Group organizes Training Programs where our expert faculties conduct the workshop in an interactive mode with the participants working on the application of what they are taught during the course of the workshop. Various individual and team based exercises are conducted so that our future engineers are comfortable working with others as they are with themselves.


To revolutionize the education scenario across the world by inculcating a pragmatic approach among students towards the academic knowledge imparted by institutions.


Elite Techno Groups emphasizes on the intellectual development of students by providing them with a practical mode of learning and thereby channelling their technical knowledge towards innovative real world application.

What Makes Us Different

  • Elite Techno Groups has a dedicated team of faculties that leaves no stones unturned in educating and motivating their students to dream big.
  • Our logistics team ensures that our students have the necessary equipment to engage in various pre-determined exercises during the workshop.
  • These equipment's are in compliance to industry standards so that they have a simulated experience of the industry.

But above all, the reason why we are good in what we do is that we maintain a personal bond with our students. Our staff ensures that the students feel at ease with the faculties during any conversation within our outside the classrooms. Be it a random doubt or some obstacle during the preparation for a competitive event, our faculties will get the students out of bind.


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