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April 10, 2021

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Data: the new OIL

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Data science has come into the limelight in deciding as never before. With volume, velocity, and sort of data increasing day by day the next-generation solutions are moving towards big data. Data science has caught the eye of not only technological enthusiasts and statisticians but also aspiring entrepreneurs and established businessmen. Students are constantly on the lookout for institutes offering unique course structures that give them an edge over their peers in the industry. So, if you're meaning to master the art of processing, investigating the humongous amount of knowledge resulting in a more predictive and efficient decision-making process, a master' in Data Science is what you need.

Can a graduate from mechanical engineering become a data scientist?

Why is thinking so important for happy and successful life? Well, I would say ABCD: anybody can be a data scientist. As long as you are good in mathematics, statistics, and coding no matter from which field you are you can get Masters's in data science. And even if you are not from a math or coding background you can just learn it and get certified in those skills. Just master the core structure. And you can become a Data analyst, ML engineer, deep learning, Data learning engineer, and Data scientist. So here are several points you need to keep in mind while selecting a college. First things first, Data Science is a new and growing field. It deals with data acquisition, data preparation, exploratory data analysis, and data modeling. One of the traits of a good data scientist is curiosity. After evaluating these points, you can move to the next step that is �College hunting�

1. Research: -

Surf through Google, different websites, QS world ranking, etc. Make a list of all the colleges and universities offering the course. This is the first step to add as many colleges you can as that will provide and keep your options open while categorizing the best from the list. Select a college based on the course you are looking for. Look for online reviews of your selected college also try to get in contact with those who are either studying there or passed out. The amount of information you will get from the students studying or passed out from there would be really helpful. You can also contact the college for further inquiry.

2. Categories: -

Now that you have a list consisting of all the colleges offering this course, start categorizing your list into AMBITIOUS, MODERATE, and SAFE. You can do this by studying the intake of colleges for the last two batches. AMBITIOUS: which are in top rankings and it can be difficult to get into them depending upon your scores. These colleges are known for great studies, better placement opportunities, etc. If 1-3 students in 10 have the same qualification as you then that college goes in ambitious. MODERATE: can be somewhat difficult to get in but are comparatively better than the average ones. They can be established colleges with great opportunities and not that higher cut-offs. So if you are a student with decent grades, you can get into one of these colleges. If 4-6 students in 10 have the same qualification as you then that college goes in moderate. SAFE: If things go south then you know you are prepared with backups. It�s generally easy to urge into these colleges with average grades and that they don�t usually require extra competitive exams or entrance tests. If more than 7 students in 10 have the same qualification as you then that college goes in safe.

3. Reputation and Brand value: -

Colleges with good brand value can get you better internships and placements. You get better exposure in the market. Data Science or related programs are new, potential students should consider the reputation of the institution as an entire, particularly its math and computing programs.

4. Teaching faculty and mentor: -

Course structure, subjects, and industrial tie-ups: -

Go through the learning curve, learning the community, choose the program you have an inherent interest in. make sure you don�t get stuck on theory, be hands-on. So look for colleges with great internships, projects, or research opportunities. Depth of curriculum, the focus is on the comprehensiveness of content and skills covered. Interactive Hands-on Learning is how interactive is that the learning experience and the way much focus is given to learning actual tools, solving real industry problems, etc. The curriculum should also focus on teaching you how to communicate data findings with the business, as this is an important point for the job.

6. Location and duration: -

You must know what works for you. Weather, climatic conditions, your adaptation, the amount of time you are ready to invest, etc. Some students look for a shorter duration, some look for college near silicon valley, etc. If you can not bear cold weather then a country like Canada is not what you are looking for. Courses at the US universities and� UK are similar but in the UK duration is comparatively shorter.

7. Scholarships: -

It�s like a cherry on the cake. Many colleges offer different types of scholarships depending on your profile. Like you can get scholarships in some of the universities in the US and Canada depending on your GRE/GMAT scores. So for example, if you are getting 5th rank college 9 rank college, and in 9th rank college you are getting some scholarship then you should choose that college.  

Now let�s talk about the top institutes in India for pursuing Data Science

1. Purdue University

  • Post Graduate Program in Data Science
  • Purdue University has one of the world's top data science programs.
  • This program has been ranked because of the #1 program for bringing together the simplest of educational and industry excellence, with Purdue and IBM.
  • Global recognition of the credentials earned.
  • Live Online Classes
  • 12 months
  • Offers Capstone projects in 3 different domains
  • Fees: INR 2,25,000 + GST

2. IIM Calcutta

  • Advanced Program in Data Science
  • Online with four days on campus
  • 12 Months
  • Online self-learning, and 4 days on campus
  • Fees: INR 4,40,000 + GST

3. Praxis Business School

  • Post Graduate Program in Data Science
  • Classroom/Offline
  • 9 months
  • Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai
  • Good hands-on learning.
  • Offers two Capstone projects
  • Fees: INR 5,10,000 + GST

4. IIT Kharagpur

  • PG Diploma in Business Analytics
  • 2 years
  • Full-time classroom program
  • Fees: INR 20,00,000
  • Great reputation of the institute, thus better placement

5. ISI Kolkata

  • PG Diploma in Business Analytics
  • 2 years
  • Full-time classroom program
  • Fees: INR 20,00,000

6. Great Lakes Institute of Management

  • PG Diploma in Data Science
  • 1 year
  • Full-time classroom program
  • Fees: INR 3.95-4.5 lakhs

7. IIB Bangalore

  • Business Analytics and Intelligence
  • 12 months
  • Classroom + online
  • Fees: INR 6,50,000

8. MISB Boccioni in association with IBM

  • PG in Data Science
  • 10 months
  • Classroom + online
  • Fees: INR 6,40,000
  • Great placement opportunities

9. XLRI Jamshedpur

  • Data science
  • 5 months
  • Online
  • Fees: INR 70,000

10. Aegis School of Data Science

  • PG in Data Science, Business Analytics
  • 11 months
  • Classroom/online
  • Fees: INR 6,75,000
  • Flexible curriculum

Top institutes in the USA for pursuing Data Science

1. CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

  • Master of Computational Data Science
  • Course Duration: 16 months
  • Flexible course structure
  • Summer internships with opportunities like Apple, Amazon, Google, and more.

2. STANFORD UNIVERSITY (Stanford, California)

  • MS in statistics: Data Science
  • Course Duration: 2 years
  • Best campus experience
  • Vast electives
  • Near to silicon value


  • MS Data Science
  • Course Duration:1.5 years
  • A semester-length data science project sponsored by a faculty member or industry
  • Promotes innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Offers excellent support and resources for start-up


  • MS Applied Data Science
  • Course Duration: 5 years
  • Graduates earn an average starting salary of $108,000
  • Proximity to silicon valley

5. NEW YORK UNIVERSITY� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � NYU Data Science (@NYUDataScience) | Twitter

  • MS Data Science
  • Course Duration: 1.5 years
  • 1st university in the world to offer MS in Data Science
  • The program�s internal recruitment, placement, and networking initiative

6. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON (Seattle, Washington)

  • MS Data Science
  • Course Duration: 1.5 years
  • University�s rich industrial connections
  • World-class curriculum
  • Co-op option offered.

7. DUKE UNIVERSITY (Durham, North Carolina)

  • Master of Interdisciplinary Data Science
  • Course Duration: 2 years
  • Yearlong capstone project
  • World-class curriculum
  • Tremendous emphasis on practical training
  • Project in collaboration with a non-academic stakeholder.


  • MS Data Science
  • Course Duration: 2 years
  • Given the glowing reputation of the CS department, employers will flock to the campus to hire Data Science graduates

9. INDIANA UNIVERSITY (Bloomington, Indiana)

  • MS Data Science
  • Course Duration: 2 years
  • Excellent research centers like Data to insight center and digital science center.

10. RUTGERS UNIVERSITY (New Brunswick, New Jersey)

  • Professional Masters in Data Science
  • Course Duration: 2 years
  • University�s rich industrial connections.
  • Intense research-centric curriculum and the industrial network you can build through the program, co-op features.


Top institutes in the UK for pursuing Data Science

1. Imperial College LondonImperial College of London UK - ILW Education Consultants

  • MSc Statistics (Data Science)
  • Course Duration: 1 year
  • Full-time program
  • Training in both theoretical and applied statistics. Focuses on Data Science.
  • Course Fee: Rs.19, 22,464

2. University of Edinburgh

  • MSc Data Science
  • Great research and internship opportunities
  • Course Fee: Rs.27, 32,623
  • Duration: Full Time 15 months

3. University College London

  • MSc Data Science
  • This course allows the candidate to organize core statistical and machine learning methodology.
  • Variety of optional modules covering more specialized knowledge in statistical computing and modeling.
  • Course Fee: Rs.25, 29,420
  • Duration: one year

4. London School of Economics and Political Science

  • MSc in Data Science
  • This course includes fundamental aspects of knowledge, computational techniques, and statistical analysis.
  • Great scope:� starting from Distributed Computing for giant Data and Statistical Computing to Financial Statistics and Probabilistic Methods in Risk Management and Insurance.
  • Course Fee: Rs.25,46,730
  • Duration: 12 months full-time only

5. University of Warwick

  • Master�s in Data Analytics
  • �Allows you to get technical skills in leading-edge areas of knowledge analytics, including computer security, data processing, tongue processing, and visualization
  • Great opportunity to learn project management and therefore the methodology.
  • Course Fees: Rs.23,03,788
  • Duration: one year

6. University of Leeds

  • Advanced Computer Science (Data Analytics) MSc
  • Students are trained to create a foundation in diverse subjects like machine learning, systems programming, and algorithms.
  • Course Fees: Rs.17,98,915
  • Duration: one year

7. University of Glasgow

  • MSc Data Analytics
  • Master�s in Data Science
  • This course provides a radical specialization of learning from data, both in terms of statistical modelling and computation.
  • Course Fees: Rs.18,48,152
  • Duration: one year

8. University of Southampton

  • Course Name: MSc Data and Decision Analytics
  • Provides the candidate with the perfect skill sets in mathematical modelling, statistical analysis, and computation to assist make better decisions supported data.
  • The highlight of the course is the three-month summer project in Operational Research, Statistics, Data Science or the interface between the three.
  • Course Fees: Rs.16,75,012
  • Duration: one year

9. University of LiverpoolInternational MBA Scholarships at University of Liverpool in UK, 2020

  • Course Name: MSc Business Analytics and Big Data
  • Provides the candidate with the perfect skill sets in mathematical modelling, statistical analysis, and computation to assist make better decisions supported data.
  • The highlight of the course is the three-month summer project in Operational Research, Statistics, or Data Science
  • Course Fees: Rs.19,57,758
  • Duration: one year

10. Cardiff Metropolitan University

  • Course Name: MSc Data Science
  • Master�s program in Data Analytics
  • This course covers subjects like data processing, statistical modelling, business intelligence, and data visualization.
  • Cost: Rs.11,43,006
  • Duration: one year

Top institutes in GERMANY for pursuing Data Science

1. The University Munich (English)Technical University of Munich Acceptance Rate - College Learners

  • Master�s Mathematics in Data Science
  • Location: Arcisstrasse, Garching, and Freising-Weihenstephan.
  • �160 partner universities worldwide.
  • The university is very reputed and therefore the graduate students studying here enjoy high employability.
  • 2 years

2. University of Mannheim (English)

  • Data Science M. Sc.
  • Ranks 15th best research institution in Europe.
  • Research-driven university
  • Students get cutting-edge knowledge in data science, core theories, and practical methodologies and to a highly advanced level.
  • 1.5-2 years

3. Ludwig Maximilians University, M�nchen

  • Masters in Data Science
  • The students are tasked to spend tons of their time on real-life data science problems under the professional supervision and guidance of college members which helps them increase their academic potential.
  • LMU degrees are highly valued among employers.
  • Graduates are easily accommodated within the work market.
  • 2 years

4. Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (German)

  • MS in Data Science
  • This is one of the most important and most distinguished universities of applied sciences in Germany.
  • The university has established its excellent reputation which can be helpful in placements and internships
  • Imparts real-world approach in education.
  • The graduate students of the university have excellent professional success in their fields.
  • 1.5 years

5. Jacobs University (English)

  • Data Engineering
  • Campus-based university offering the very best standards in research
  • Teaching within the field of knowledge science and its applications.
  • 2 years

6. University of Magdeburg

  • Data Science and Knowledge Engineering (M.Sc.)
  • Offers a really high standard of scientific education that's supported by the newest research developments.
  • The university has modern education facilities
  • students develop great operational skills critically required for data scientists.
  • Practical-oriented education structure
  • Students graduating from the university have high employability.
  • 2 years

7. University of Hildesheim (English)

  • Master�s Program in Data Analytics
  • The master�s program offers a well-rounded
  • The course also provides an honest insight into interdisciplinary fields with attention to Data Analytics.
  • Great importance to individual care and personalized learning.
  • 2 years

8. Leuphana University of Luneburg (English)

  • Management & Data Science
  • The course has been designed in such a way that it reinforces knowledge in interdisciplinary fields with attention to developing knowledge in data analysis.
  • Real-life application
  • Students also participate in research projects in data science where they can test and grow their knowledge.
  • 2 years

9. TU Dortmund (German)

  • Masters course in Data Science
  • The curriculum offered by the university is well aligned with the economic needs of the business.
  • The program structure consists of core and electives modules
  • There is great flexibility in choosing the themes consistent with the personal academic interests of the scholars.
  • 2 years

10. Digital Master School (English)

  • Masters in Data Science course
  • Allows students to explore data science.
  • Emphasize innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Equips students with advanced technical skills in data analysis methods also as scalable data collection techniques.
  • Students here get a chance to know the usage of a variety of tools and technologies that address data capture, storage, transfer, analysis, visualization, etc.
  • 2 years

Top institutes in CANADA for pursuing Data Science

1.� �The University of British Columbia

  • Master of Data Science (MDS)
  • The course is designed to provide an excellent experience to the students so that they can get an understanding of both the statistical and computational perspectives.
  • Prepares students in such a way that they can help their future organizations in making informed decisions based on data analysis.
  • Master in data science from UBC is considered one of the top job-oriented courses.
  • Duration: 10 months
  • Full Time
  • Tuition fee: INR 25 Lakhs

2. University of TorontoUniversity of Toronto (U of T): Rankings, Fees, Courses, Admission 2021, Eligibility & Scholarships

  • The Master of Science in Applied Computing in Data Science
  • Helps in building skills related to both Computer Science and Statistics.
  • Prepares graduates to handle complex data challenges.
  • Duration: 8 months
  • Eight-month internship
  • Tuition fee: INR 30 lakhs

3. Mc Gill University

  • Master of Management Analytics (MMA) degree
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Full time
  • Tuition fee: INR 26 lakhs

4. Queen University

  • Master of Management Analytics program
  • Balanced academic curriculum
  • Prepares students to derive real benefits from the world of Data.
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Full time
  • Tuition fee: INR 42 lakhs

5. University of Western Ontario

  • The Master of Data Analytics program
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Full time
  • Tuition fee: INR 30 lakhs

6. HEC MontrealHEC Montr�al lorgne le centre-ville | Le Devoir

  • Master of Science (MSc)
  • Duration: 16-24 months
  • full time
  • Tuition fee: INR 20 lakhs

7. Simon Fraser University

  • The Professional Master�s program, Big Data Specialization
  • Helps students acquire in-depth knowledge
  • Duration: 16 months
  • Tuition fee: INR 25 lakh

8. Ryerson University

  • MSc in Data Science and Analytics program
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Full time
  • Tuition fee: INR 14 lakhs

9. Carleton University

  • Data Science collaborative programs in a variety of academic disciplines ranging from M.C.S Computer Science, M.A Economics, M.A Communication, Master of Cognitive Science, and etc.
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Tuition fee: INR 18-20 lakhs

10. University of Waterloo

  • Master of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • Course duration: 16- 20 months
  • Tuition fee: INR 24 lakhs

  I hope this helps you get some clarity and you find a perfect course and college for you. Want to know more about a Master's in Data Science?� Do comment with your thoughts and queries.

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