How to Get Placed in Mechanical Core Companies?


May 17, 2021

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How to Get Placed in Mechanical Core Companies?

I'm sharing this information now when I'm finding a job in my final year. I wish someone has shared this with me in my 1st year!!! You may have heard people say, �there are not many jobs in core branches�, �jobs opportunities in mechanical industries are reducing�, and this goes on! Well, well, well, let me tell you - this is not true. The truth is that there are plenty of job opportunities. But then why are we not able to get those??? The reason is simple - we are not ready with the skills the industry demands. Now, how to get ready is the first thought that comes to mind, right? One way could be getting a perfect score in college to land you in a core mechanical field. Sadly, that�s not the scenario. All that the grades can help you is to make you eligible to apply for the companies. What helps you get your dream job is how �skilled� and �creative� mechanical engineer you are! But why does not a grade but skills matter? It is because what the interviewer sees is how can you �apply� your knowledge and skills to create something. They don�t see how well you mug up the �laws of thermodynamics� they see how you can apply those laws real world. So the goal is to become a skilled, creative, and application-based mechanical engineer. " Kaabil bano, job apne aap mil jayegi?"

Here are some tips to attend this goal:

1. Don�t let curiosity die:In Praise of the Incurably Curious Leader

�The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.�- Einstein

Curiosity makes our brains more receptive to learning, as we learn, we enjoy the sensation of learning. A curious engineer will discover new ways of approaching solutions. Don�t limit your learning just to the classroom. Try to gain more knowledge or feed your curiosity with the help of research books available in your college library or internet. Read technical research papers. Some links for you to get your curiosity to grow: 2. Have an application-based approach: Since day one makes it a habit that whenever you learn a new topic, law or equation try to find out its existing application in the real world and its possible application. If it helps have short brainstorming sessions with your friends. This will help you understand the topic better and save you from procrastination. Try doing some mini-projects or some research. And this will also strengthen your basics. 3. Recognize the opportunities and respond to them: Take part in technical competitions during college fests or be a part of the SAE team of your college. Here you will get perfect exposure to learn, work and get skilled. Here you get to research, develop, design and manufacture. You get resources for keeping pace with the rapidly changing technology in the mobility industry. Sometimes you get to meet industry experts and you get a chance to learn few things from them. You get an insight into the industry. These achievements make your resume highlight in that pile of resumes. Check out some popular online competitions here

4. Certifications:Download Ansys Student | Workbench-based Simulation Tools Every candidate has the same degree as you, they have also studied the same 40 subjects as you, given the same exams, and taken part in some type of technical fests, so why should a company hire you? Well, the extra skilled-based certification courses that you do in four years are what makes you different from other candidates. Here you can convince the interviewer that you are an actual asset to the company. So you can get certified in AutoCAD, CATIA, ANSYS, and much such software. You can take courses related to cutting-edge technologies like autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, CFD and aerodynamics, and vehicle dynamics.   5. Internships: Here you gain valuable hands-on work experience. You get to see day-to-day job duties in the chosen field. Apart from technical, you gain skills like communication and teamwork. You get to explore a career path, which eventually helps you in defining your career goal. You get to build a network with professionals in the field. These people can be your future colleagues or the connection to your first job. You gain some confidence as you get an opportunity to apply what you have learned in a safe space where mistakes are expected. Many companies use internships as a way to enhance their recruitment efforts, thus hiring the intern at the end of the assignment. Check out our core mechanical engineering internship portal 6. Personality development:Personality Development | Innovinc Services After good grades and a perfect resume comes your soft skills. The other 5 points can help you clear every round in the placement process, but your soft skills are your biggest weapon when it comes to the Personal Interview round. Even the best of us can get rejected in this round. This is something that can be developed by practice. To develop your soft skills, take part in extracurricular activities like lab development, event management, extempore, debates, poster presentation competitions, etc. just try to bring yourself out of your comfort zone, keep pushing your limits. Do attend soft skills, training, and placement sessions actively. 7. Know the company: Just don�t go for the placement process of any company being all oblivious. Study the company you are applying for. Don�t just rely on Google or Wikipedia. Do visit the official site of the company and try to get useful information. Try to understand the job role, company�s demand, or expectations and show them you are the candidate they are looking for.

Here is the common placement process:

1. Pre-Placement talk: This is a presentation that is given by recruiting company�s HR and recruiting team. Various aspects of the company such as its profile, history, achievements, goals, job profile, products, services, and organizational charts are explained. Selection criteria, CTC, and designation are explained in detail. 2. Aptitude test: An aptitude test is conducted to evaluate how effectively a student could respond to a task or a situation. so basically this area tests your problem-solving ability. This round includes:

  • Quantitative aptitude: here questions from topics like number theory, average, ratio and proportion, time and distance, percentages, mixtures, permutations & combinations, and probability are asked.
  • Verbal ability: this area tests the communication skills, reading ability, and also grammatical knowledge of a candidate. Type of questions can be sentence correction, para jumbles, synonyms, antonyms, and reading comprehension.
  • Logical reasoning: This section tests your logical reasoning and analytical ability. Questions are generally puzzles, cause, and effect, assertion, and reason.

You can practice for these round from here - 3. Group discussion:Group Discussion - javatpoint After clearing the aptitude test there will GD. Here they will evaluate certain personality traits like confidence, communication, participation, listening skills, ability to present one�s views, leadership skills, etc. the topic of discussion is normally related to current topics, hypothetical situations, problematic situations, etc. Therefore you need to be positive, confident, and dynamic in their attitude in this round. Remember it�s a group discussion and not a debate, so don�t start fighting or don�t get personal. Get some tips and practice for this round here - 4. Technical interview: One appearing for the technical round should be thorough with the fundamental aspects of his subject. Here they might ask you application-based questions, or which is your favorite subject and why. They might also ask you about your final year project. Students who have interned or done some certifications have an edge above the others in the technical round. 5. HR interview: This is the final round. You will be assessed for your communication, attitude, confidence, flexibility, enthusiasm, behavioral skills, etc. Be honest and polite in answering the questions. Self-grooming is very important for a candidate to clear this round of campus selection. I hope this was useful for you. All the best for your future endeavors. Do comment with your views and some points you will like to ass. Also, you can comment on your queries, we will like to answer them and help you.

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