How to make a career in the automobile industry?


February 15, 2021

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How to make a career in the automobile industry?

"A job is how you make money. A career is how you make your mark. A calling is how you acknowledge a higher version, whatever it may be."

- Deepak Chopra


Finding hard to make a career in the automobile industry? Are you one of them who goes the extra mile to accomplish your goals? Then yes! You are at the right place! We are here to guide you for your ultimate goal in your life, which is definitely pursuing a career and upgrading your life! A new study predicts that over the next 15 years, the global automotive industry will undergo the greatest transformation in its history.

The global automotive motors market size is projected to grow from�USD 20,321 million�in 2020 to�USD 25,719 million�by 2025, at a CAGR of 4.8%.�Since the automobile industry is expanding continuously, it withholds immense employment opportunities. To speak specifically to the freshers out there, marks as well as the skills , is what you all must strive harder to achieve.

Even though if you don't have a strong mark base, you must at least make sure that you are perfect in the field of skills and must be open to all the opportunities out there. After pursuing mechanical engineering, there are plenty of opportunities to flourish your skills!


1. Equip yourself with skills

Certainly, you will definitely have to work harder in brushing up your skills in various ways, so that you stand ahead of others and maximize the opportunity of getting a career of your taste. Everyone must possess basic knowledge related to their career since the interview questions in automobile industries always deal with the application of basic knowledge. In this era of online courses and webinars, one can utilize these opportunities to gain knowledge and expand one horizon of knowledge.

You can also read, books, news articles, and blogs for more information. You must keep yourself updated always with the latest technology since engineering technologies are constantly evolving. You will get to see a new technology hand in hand, each and every day. So, you must keep an eye on the recent technological developments through the internet. Self-made engineering projects are a better way of earning practical skills! Since we have prior knowledge dealing with it, constructing practically the required materials would definitely add to our subject expertise!

There are plenty of websites on the internet that contribute to many astonishing project ideas and assistance through tutorials and kit deliveries. Creating a prototype of engineering models could be one of the most effective ways to keep an engineer engaged in his own path. Once you become a part of such a community, it is ensured that you will be gifted with practical skills throughout the course. Internships are actually an excellent way of extending your skills and getting the experience, which will surely be a remarkable doorway of improving your overall development! There are many opportunities like virtual internships, webinars, technical fests, competitions to brush your skills.


Taking part in national as well as international level competitions also plays a major role in brushing up your skills. For example, suppose you are pursuing your mechanical engineering and you would like to gain some practical skills in that field. You can manufacture a formula-style car by getting into college teams or national level teams. This sort of competition will keep us engaged throughout the year and in the meanwhile, you can grab the skills of being a mechanical engineer. To get an opportunity to work in teams that promote the expansion of our modicum knowledge and ensuring practical skills, we must be well informed about the updates happening in our country regarding that subject.

ETG provides certification courses in

Do check out these courses and maximize your possibilities of getting hired!


2. Applying for graduate trainee programs

You should also look into the various graduate trainee programs offered by various organizations like BASF and many more. There are many organizations that gift a new horizon for our career and trains us more efficiently through internships which demand our effort and time at the most useful ways. So it would be much better if you could be a part of such programs and also take part in rotation programs in companies like Tata, Mahindra or supplier companies like Delphi, Bosch. Job rotational program refers to a human resources (HR) strategy, in which organizations move employees from one job to another. Under the program, the employee will work in different positions within the organization, instead of spending all their time in a single position.

Training is aimed at improving the behavior and performance of a person. It is a never-ending or continuous process. Evaluation and appraisal of the training program is a necessary practice in any firm as it is an assessment of the total value of a learning event, and not just how far it achieves its learning goals and objectives.


In a case study, it was found that the effectiveness of the training program shows a significant improvement in the knowledge and skill level of the employees that they have gained through continuous and periodic evaluation on training needs and subsequent training. Please make sure that you seize these opportunities since this also plays a major role in directing your career path as well as provides a clear perspective onto your career goals and erases the uncertainty existing in our career fields.


3. Updating your resume

Once you are equipped with the skills and have a basic knowledge of your particular profession, you must make sure that you are ready with your job resume. Job resume will hold all the details of your expertise and other achievements and this is one of the major components of impressing your employer. It details your skills and training, work experience, and education, and, most importantly, the accomplishments you have made with past employers.

It should also inform the employer of your career objective (the job you are seeking) and communicate in a concise manner the benefits you will bring to the job if hired. You must impress your employer by the number of your qualifications or previous experience in that particular sector.

If you don't have previous experience then make sure that you are embedded with the finest engineering skills by taking part in internships, competitions, and other webinars. Once you succeed in setting up one of the best impression through a resume, the chance of hiring you in the automobile industry gets higher.

Looking forward to the format of a resume? Are you confused to prepare a good resume? Then do check our resume video! This is a video based on how to create the best possible resume!

4. Prolonged studies, greater the reward

Yes! I mean it. Even though you did pursue Btech in mechanical engineering, with summer internships, project accomplishments, and all, your chance of calling is higher if you could pursue the Mtech degree in your specification. This will also be one of the most remarkable features in your resume and a company will try their maximum to hire you if you have pursued the Mtech degree. Pursuing MTech from IITs, NITs and other top engineering colleges will also add in the possibilities of getting a definite automobile career for life.


5. Ways of recruiting

Certain companies like Maruti Suzuki have an open pool. You will have to appear for a technical test and get qualified.

Certain companies recruit through consultancies and portals like Naukri. Some depend on internal referral by am existing employees. Employee referral programs are an internal method for finding qualified candidates. Most of the OEMs (Original equipment manufacturer) prefer to recruit from colleges (on-campus) and major OEMs recruit from either tier-1 or tier-2 colleges (IITs, NITs, and certain private prestigious institutions).

Companies like Maruti, Mahindra, GM, Merc, Bajaj, Harley Davidson, and many such more are included under OEM. Vendor companies for automobiles (auto ancillaries) sometimes recruit through on-campus and mostly pool campus/off-campus. The auto ancillary industry is the other side of the automotive industry, which deals with the manufacturing and selling of intermediate parts, equipment, and chemicals among others. Major auto ancillaries include ASAHI, MSSL, Munjal. Generally, vendors recruit from within the region.


For the majority of the companies, if you are appearing through the full process, you need to give a general aptitude as well as a technical proficiency test. General aptitude consists of quantitative, logical, data interpretation, verbal proficiency, psychometric analysis. Technical aptitude is a combination of questions from mechanical and automobile. For seasoned professionals, they need to know what they have done on their previous job, how well they did it, and what better they can do for the new company. So you must try to let them know your efficiency and attract them with your previous experiences if you are one of the seasonal employees.

6. Interview

Make sure that you have well-equipped knowledge and this is revealed through your valuable portfolio or resume. Various internships, as well as previous job experiences, also add the possibility of hiring you. Most importantly, be honest in answering the questionnaires. The one who questions usually has a well definite knowledge in the automobile field. So be careful and make sure you don't give out lame answers. It is expected of you to know the basic theory - machine design, thermodynamics, fluid power, the theory of machine. Textbooks that you might have referred to during your curriculum is good enough for your preparation. You need not be too tool savvy - that training is provided on the job. A lot of bigger companies heavily customize their commercial software packages. So knowledge of tools alone usually won't get you anywhere - but the basic knowledge will pave the way.

The questions mostly are not like those in exams - they are more oriented towards the application side. Make sure that your application problem-solving skills are developed before you approach the employer. Using your term project or other mini-projects, articulate how you used the knowledge you gained in courses.  

Display your willingness to learn irrespective of your current situation. Everyone wants to work in niche fields but only very few of them happen to get there. This is truly because of tremendous determination and perseverance. Many new innovations are coming up in the automobile industries. One of them is electric vehicles. The e-vehicle market is expected to grow at a robust CAGR of 43.13 percent from 2019 to 2030. Opportunities for employment are literally increasing day by day!

Have a goal in your mind?  Work hard for it! A person must look forward to utilize all the opportunities and implement his maximum capacity in all the projects as well as internships. Meanwhile, after getting a job, he must have an open approach towards the various uncomfortable experiences so as to achieve the greatest vision possible in his life!

Do share your experiences and doubts in the comment box! All the Best!!

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