Truck platooning an evolving pathway to full autonomy


April 22, 2021

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Truck platooning an evolving pathway to full autonomy.

Truck platooning is the linking of a couple of trucks in a convoy, using connectivity technology and automatic driving support systems. These vehicles maintain a set, close distance between each other when they're connected for specific pieces of a journey, for instance on highways. With Autonomous Relay Convoying (ARC) technology, Human-guided convoys can provide real-world benefits sooner than individual driverless trucks. ARC enables an AI-controlled follower truck to use its perception and knowledge, inter-vehicle communication to follow the human-driven leader truck. The company recently completed a pilot project operating on Interstate 84 between Nampa, Idaho, and Portland, by logging miles and collecting data on different stretches of highway across the U.S. Researchers proposed the use of deep neural networks instead of having to run an ANSYS simulation each time to calculate the drag force. Several benefits of this technology are:- � 30% or more decrease in operating cost per mile � 8% reduction in fuel expense �increase in freight density �decrese in annual CO2 emissions by 41 metric tons per tractor. Read more:

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