Virtual Meets mixed reality for Vehicle development


May 8, 2021

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Virtual Meets mixed reality for Vehicle development

Automakers developing stand-alone technologies, like driver-interface systems, will increasingly get to consider moving to a company-wide virtual model to make a digital twin of an evolving vehicle. And a computer gaming machine is that the enabling technology. Doug Wolff, technical manager of Epic Games� has stated that they are getting to see more vehicle manufacturers taking this journey. All we need for this is a high-end computer games machine and a few off-the-shelf VR hardware. The direct link to CAD means the VR model will be employed at each stage of the vehicle�s product life without conflict, duplication, or any of the risks which will plague parallel engineering. This means using the VR vehicle model, production processes are often optimized during a virtual auditorium before being found out within the world. Source: SAE

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