Will Virtual Internships give you industrial skills?


January 21, 2021

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Will Virtual Internships give you Industrial Skills?


It's been just a few months, I still remember the day my semester's exam commenced and we were all hurrying up to finish our courses, and there came the news of Coronavirus. It spread like a forest fire leaving the world in a shock. Schools and Colleges shut down and classes were online as if there is no outside world. Corporate life shifted to �Work from Home�. Online classes! That�s fine but Virtual Internships! Is it worth getting relevant experience?

Knowledge and skills are the fundamental gateways to success. We all want to have that "Extra Skill" that differs from everyone. Most of us consider online courses as an extra skill gained apart from traditional classroom education. Online learning has significantly grown over a decade with the growth of the internet. Similarly, Virtual internships are becoming a must inclusion in a resume these days. Having some hands-on experience in the practical world before you step out of your college makes you understand the industry better. Most students opt for virtual internships that they can complete just by working from home after their classes. In this way, they get an experience of the practical world. Did you ever feel caught up in the trend of online certificate-based courses? Have you taken up such online courses or internships to boost up your resume as well as your skills

Are certificate courses worth it?

Certificate courses and virtual internships became a new norm. The structure of online courses mainly rests on lecture videos and assessments and a range of resources to assist throughout the learning journey. Before you enroll in a course, you should research the quality of the facilitators and the module breakdown.

  1. Lists all courses that are of your interest
  2. Choose the ones that shape your career
  3. Select an accredited university
  4. Research on course modules and outcomes
  5. Read reviews about the course
  6. Perseverance and determination

Will the course now hold value? The right course from the right provider will definitely provide you with knowledge and shape your career. This kind, of course, will add value to your skillset apart from classroom knowledge. In this competitive world, a special certification course would become necessary for a person to stand a step ahead of others. Even hiring managers give preference to candidates who were certified in their field of expertise. Certification courses provide in-depth knowledge of a particular technology that you might require for higher education as well.

But most employers are really interested in the knowledge you actually possess to imply in real terms. The certificate will only matter when you learn something out of it and are able to implement it practically. Getting a certificate just to put it up on your resume is really not worth it. A recent study says that only 5% of the students who enroll in these certificate courses actually complete them.

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Will online internships make you industry ready?

I mentioned earlier about the virtual internships which most of us are used to these days. All thanks to this pandemic that exposed us to the virtual world. Of course, the onsite internship will give you exposure to the corporate world but we have no other choice than these virtual internships. Online internships entirely depend on your area of interest "domain" - Mostly software-related work. Electronics such as VLSI, signal processing, controls and instrumentation, mechanical or auto mobile-based design, software technologies, biotechnology, sales and marketing, human resources, IT sector, and many more roles fit for virtual internships.

But if your area of work needs a field exposure or requirement of a laboratory setup then you might need hands-on experience to gain industry skills. Online internships won't help you gain the skills. It will just give you theoretical knowledge of the practical world in this case. Most of the software industries can work well even if the employees work remotely. Online internships in software would obviously help you gain the required skills you need to perform better.

For example: You mention in your resume that you did an online internship in Graphic Design, Software Development, or Marketing. This would add an additional experience to your career development. But if you have done a virtual internship on power electronics testing that wouldn't carry a weight-age at all. Hardware experience needs a lab setup for gaining industry skills. Therefore virtual internships would keep the least value.

Virtual internships are the best when you utilize your free time to gain some practical skills that can justify your career path as well as you can work remotely. You can break your geographical barrier and get an endless choice of internships to explore. Neither have you had to wait for semester breaks or holidays to work. As most of the internships are project-based you can achieve your targets and work according to your schedule. In this way, you can work for different companies and develop the required skills and also contribute to your organization while being in your college life.

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