3 Day - Analysis and Design of RC Structures using ETABS

3 Day - Analysis and Design of RC Structures using ETABS


The course is focused on bridging the gap between the academic curriculum and the practices adopted in the field. It shall be held over six sessions spanning three days, with the first session of the day focused on the theoretical aspects of design followed by training on ETABS.   


Day 1: Geometric Modelling of Structures
  • Prerequisites for Modelling
  • Soil Investigation Report

ETABS Training Module 1

  • Main Grid of the Structure
  • Secondary Grids for auxiliary structure

​​​​​​​​​Material Properties

  • Grade of Concrete for Beams, Columns, and Slabs
  • Grade of Reinforcement

Member Properties

  • Geometrical properties of Beam
  • Geometrical properties of Column
  • Thickness of Slab
  • Thickness of Wall
  • Construction of the geometry of entire structure using the members defined.
Day 2: Loading on Structures


  • Different types of Beams and their properties
  • Study of BMD, SFD and AFD for a Propped Cantilever
  • Design of beam section via Neutral Axis Derivation using IS 456
  • Limit state of Serviceability


  • Study of BMD, SFD and AFD for a Portal Frame
  • Design of Column Section for Axial load and Uniaxial bending moment using IS 456

IS 875

  • Part 1 – Dead Load
  • Part 2 – Imposed Load
  • Part 3 – Wind Load
  • Part 4 – Snow Load

ETABS Training Module 2

  • Load Cases
  • Load Combinations as per IS 456
  • Assignment of Load
    • Dead Load
    • Imposed Load
    • Wind Load
    • Earthquake Load
  • End Conditions for Beam
  • Load Distribution for Slab (One Way &Two Way)
Day 3: Analysis and Design

IS 13920

  • Why is the need to study this code?
  • Provisions of code for Beams
  • Provisions of code for Compression Members

IS 1893

  • Important provisions of code for safety of the structure
  • Check for Modal Mass Participation Ratio
  • Check for Story Drift Limits

Slab Design

  • One Way Slab
  • Two Way Slab
  • Limit State of Serviceability

ETABS Training module 3

  • Analysis of Structure
  • Interpretation of the results
  • Design of Structure
  • Interpretation of the results

Carrer Counselling session 


Main Highlights

  • Study of Architectural, MEP plans and geotechnical investigation report.
  • Insights on the Indian Standard Codes – IS:456, IS:875 (Part 1 to 4), IS:1893, IS:13920
  • Derivation of Capacity of Beams and Columns
  • Case study on a residential project.
  • ETABS Training ( Extensively used software for design of RC structures)

Faculty Profile

  • Graduate from IIT Madras
  • Experienced in design of Residential and Commercial Structures
  • Project Scheduler for tallest Lord Shiva Statue in World
  • Execution Engineer at Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium

Why to Join

‘Opportunity is missed by people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work’ – Thomas Alva Edison

  • Prepare yourself for a 3-day grilling session which shall help you make an informed decision about your career.
  • It is an effort to bridge the gap between academic curriculum and industrial practices. It is an excellent platform for young engineers having a thrust for knowledge and passion for the subject.
  • Certificate of Participation” for all participants issued by “ELITE TECHNO GROUPS”, accredited by International organization for Standardization, United Kingdom (U.K).

Course Kit

Every Participant will get ebooks on RC structure designs and tutorial video of complex analysis for further references. 


  • Undergraduate students in Civil Engineering (Except 1st Year)
  • Diploma students pursuing part-time or full-time education.
  • RC Structure design enthusiasts.


Rs. 2000/- per participant including all taxes (no extra charges to participants for any activity during the training).

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