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Automotive & EVs
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Automotive & EVs
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ML/AI/Data Science
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24th Dec, 4:00 PM
Kuldeep Singh Kalsi    
Assistant Manager

Eastman Auto & Power Ltd.

5+ years of experience in EV and battery manufacturing field as R&D engineer.

Topic :- Lithium Ion batteries for Electric vehicles
8th Jan, 6:00 PM
Roopesh Kaimal    
CFD Engineer

FCA Engineering India, Pvt. Ltd.

3+ years of experience in CFD with aerodynamics

Topic:- CFD as a tool in Industrial Applications


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"To stay ahead of the curve, you need to stay ahead of the herd"
INDUSTRY SKILL BOOSTER is the booster dose by ETG for you to stay ahead with latest industrial skills and sessions!
  • Talk to industry leading managers and HRs to understand how hiring works
  • Automotive Industry is undergoing biggest change in the history, it is expected to open up millions of jobs
  • Electric Vehicle revolution is swiping the globe! Tesla has made Elon Musk one of the richest person in the world
  • Python/ML/AI is the most required skill today. It has grown by 456% compared to last year
  • Engineering Design & CFD are becoming industry requirements and the engineers possessing these skills are limited

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still unsure or have queries, we've got you covered. Below are the common questions and their answers asked by 1000s of students. Check it out!

It's 100% free and participants don't have to pay any fee for any workshop/ activity etc. during the INDUSTRY SKILL BOOSTER. Through this initiative our aim is to upskill the engineering community and get them to learn the most in demand technologies from top industry experts.

You will be shared all details via mail 2-3 Working days before the starting day of the workshop/ webinars. If you haven't received the joining link 24 hours before starting of the workshop kindly mail us on

There will be an attendance system for all the sessions. Certificates will be provided only to those who've attended the Sessions.Certificate will be mailed on your registered email id within 5-6 working days of completion of the workshop.

Mostly No. As we might not get the same experts or we might get other priorities because of which we may not do it again. That's why grab the opportunities at hand. Don't leave it for something in future.

There will be quizzes at the end of each workshop. The winners and top performers will be awarded with free courses and Scholarship in all ETG courses respectively.