Refund Policy

Refund & Cancellation Policy

The refund policy intends to clearly delineate the ETG Career Labs Pvt. Ltd. ( hereinafter " company") policy of refund of subscription fee charged by the company for all the courses offered by it. All cases of request of refund by the participants of the course shall be subjected to this policy and no request whatsoever which is beyond the scope of this policy shall be entertained. The company reserves the full right to amend this policy from time to time as per its discretion. However, the terms stipulated on the day of subscription of the course shall be applicable at the time of any request of refund by the participants.

Our refund policy is as follows

Once the subscription/registration fee has been paid, whether it is made in partial (advance) or in full, it will be strictly Non Refundable/Non transferable, except in circumstances mentioned below.

  • Subsequent to payment of subscription fee by the participants, if the registration is cancelled by the participants by himself/herself, the company shall not be liable for any refund or payback.
  • The company may accept the request made by the participants to change or upgrade the location/module/duration/seats, but this shall subject to such terms and conditions as the company may decide in its discretion.
  • If the course for which the subscription fee has been paid could not be conducted due to unavoidable circumstances, the company will initiate the refund procedure and the subscription fee will be credited back to the same back account within 15 working days after the deduction of bank charges, if any.
  • All subscription fee paid in cash shall be non refundable. No request for cash refund will be entertained or accepted under any circumstance.