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Research at ETG

Understanding the importance of having a research oriented approach for engineering students, ETG gives high importance to research related activities. At our workshops and training programmes, our faculties provide various research projects to the students participating in these events. The products that are developed through such projects are made at the institution of the participating students or at our nearest research centre. Some of the research projects that are being conducted under the stewardship of ETG are:

Research projects at ETG

Runner length optimization – Research is going on to calculate the length and develop a intake manifold runner which provides optimized results between performance and economy.

Valve timing optimization system – ETG is doing research to find out the exact valve angle and crank shaft rotation angle at which the pressure inside the cylinder and in the manifold will be nearly same as to find out the exact angle at which to close the valve at get maximum efficiency.

Centrifugal clutch – Research is going on designing and developing a clutch for best performance in accordance to racing parameters.

Knuckle design – Specifically for a particular racing vehicle - light in weight / aesthetic looking / designed and developed for performance vehicles only.

Hybrid vehicles– ETG is developing a low budget hybrid vehicles with higher efficiency and commercial cost.

I.C Engine tuning setup - ETG is researching upon how to develop engine tuning lab setup at commercial cost as to increase the BHP