Fuel Cell Technology for EVs
For Automotive Enthusiasts

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Ahad Shaikh
Ahad Shaikh
Research Associate

Fuel Cell Technology for EVs

International Certification Workshop - Must attend for engineering students

Topics Covered:

  • Understand the concept of fuel cells
  • Learn the construction & working of fuel cells
  • Study the Hydrogen Fuel cell
  • Have a look at Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

You will also Learn:-

  • To Build the base for future EVs
  • To Analyse the current status of Hydrogen Technology
  • To See the challenges in the Adoption of Fuel Cells
About Expert

Ahad Shaikh
Research Associate
B.E Automobile Engineer & EV Enthusiast
Experience with multiple projects on EV Powertrain design and modeling.
Working as EV Research Associate at ETG. Mentoring EV interns and collaboration with EV Experts.


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