08 Day Internship on Advanced Mechatronics of Internet of Things (MIOT)

08 Day Internship on Advanced Mechatronics of Internet of Things (MIOT)

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Pune 04-Dec-19 to 11-Dec-19 MIT ADT University
Hyderabad 12-Dec-19 to 19-Dec-19 Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology (CBIT)
Mumbai 20-Dec-19 to 27-Dec-19 ETG centre for Innovation
Pune 28-Dec-19 to 04-Jan-20 Sinhgad College of Engineering (SCOE)
Goa 05-Jan-20 to 12-Jan-20 Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)
Nagpur 27-Jan-20 to 03-Feb-20 GH Raisoni College of Engineering
Bengaluru 05-Feb-20 to 12-Feb-20 ETG Centre For Innovation


Today, IOT is re-designing our world. It is changing the way we interact with our surrounding. This course is designed to get you the understanding and practicality of IOT in the field of Mechatronics and start building your expertise in the area.

Mechatronics is a combination of the words “mechanical” and “electronics”. To better understand the application of Mechatronics and differentiate it from other automations, an examples is–

  • A warehouse inventory robot would be a mechatronic device, whereas an IOT-enabled sensor device, such as a weather station, could be better classified as a Cyber-Physical System (CPS).

For any engineer with passion for robotics and automations, Mechatronics is where they can find their true calling.

Course curriculum is designed by Professionals with an in-depth experience of the industry and passion for teaching.

During the course, you will see and develop working models to understand the implementation of Mechatronics by experiencing case study based learning and by controlling a mechanical device with the help of an Arduino, a cloud-based application and designing an app to control the system. For this, you will be learning to code Mechantronic systems, develop cloud-based application, usage of Arduino and how various systems come together to create a fully-functional Mechatronic system.



These topics would introduce the Digital Electronics, concepts of the Internet of Things, Mechatronics and Embedded System to the participants. After this topic, participants will learn the Hardware and Software interfacing of the Arduino platform, and upload Arduino Sketch on Arduino board:

  • Introduction to Basic of Electronics
  • Introduction to Embedded C & Embedded System
  • Introduction to Mechatronics & IoT
  • Introduction to Microcontroller
  • Difference between AVR, 8051, PIC and Arduino, ModMCU
  • Introduction to Arduino platform
  • Install Arduino software on the laptop
  • Use of Arduino IDE
  • Make your 1st Sketch

Participants will learn how to work on the microcontroller. Control input and output from microcontroller. How microcontroller interacts with PC. Last but not least make one automation system to operate home appliances and old and trusty line follower or obstacle avoider:

  • Blink LED Using Arduino
  • Use Switch to Blink LED in a different pattern
  • Use of serial monitor
  • Display value of Sensor on the serial monitor
  • What is automation?
  • Run relay from Arduino
  • Run motor from Arduino
  • Make Embedded projects
  • Make an automation project(light operated relay or automated light control system)

Hardware description to WiFi module and basic interface: Covering this topic will teach the students to use basic WiFi operation from Laptop.

  • Introduction to WiFi module
  • AT command Set for WiFi module
  • Use of PUTTY/HyperLink
  • Connect to WiFi Network

Cloud Computing: This topic will introduce to the students the basics of cloud computing and it’s operation/ Applications in the fields of Internet of things and in MIOT as well:

  • Evolution of Cloud Computing
  • Why Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing Applications
  • Challenges in Cloud Computing
  • Basic Concept of Cloud computing Architecture:
    • Cloud Computing  Services
    • Cloud Computing Deployments Models

Connect to Web Server through Arduino: This module will teach the students how to Establish Connection with Website and fetch data to perform automation through Arduino:

  • Interfacing WiFi module with Arduino
  • Use of  Serial Monitor
  • Connect to WiFi from Arduino
  • Connect to a website from Arduino
  • Receive data from a web server on Arduino

This module will teach the students how to Establish Connection with Website and fetch data to perform automation through Arduino:

  • Receive data from the web server on Arduino
  • Manipulate data received from the webserver to perform automation (Relay Control)
  • Receive data from the webserver on Arduino
  • Manipulate data received from the webserver to perform Embedded system operations (Motor Control)
  • LED’s Patterns
  • Digital Counter Using LED’s
  • Display the Current Strength of Cinema hall on LED’s
  • Control High Voltage Operated Devices Using Relay
  • Control Bot Using Computer (Serial Communication)
  • Control Bot Using Bluetooth Device
  • Control Home Appliances Using Bluetooth
  • Connect Wifi-module with the Internet
  • Fetch IP-Address of local Wifi using Wifi-Module
  • Control Home Appliances using Wifi -Module
  • Control Home Appliances using webserver
  • Uploading Sensor Data on the webserver
  • Minoring Sensor Data on the webserver

In this module, students will learn about one of the best development board for the IoT platforms, and they will be going to learn IOT communication protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, MQTT, etc.  

  • Understanding and Introduction to RPi
    • What is SOC?
    • Versions of Raspberry Pi & Their Difference
    • Raspberry Pi 3
    • Basics of Electronics
    • Hardware Description
    • Pin Configuration
  • OS Installation on SD Card
    • Downloading Image
    • Study Various Operating Systems Available
    • Making SD Card: Formatting and Partitions
    • Raspberry Pi SD Installer
  • OS Configuration
    • Booting Into Desktop
    • GUI Version
    • CLI Desktop
    • Changing Timezone
    • Other Options
    • Raspi-Config
    • Test
  • Network Setup
    • Setting Up Using GUI
    • Setting Up Using Command Line
    • Finding Pi’s IP Address
    • Connecting with Wi-Fi/ LAN/ Data card
  • GPIO
    • Study GPIO Pins
    • Libraries Using Git
    • Configuring GPIO Pins
    • Pi using SSH
    • Enabling SSH
    • Logging in using Putty
    • Run Basic Commands
    • Use GPIO
  • Linux
    • Understanding Linux
    • File Structure
    • Linux Commands
    • Permissions
  • Using Python
    • Understanding Python
    • Condition Statement
    • Loops
    • Importing Libraries
    • Functions
  • Project 1: LED Program with Raspberry Pi
  • Project 2: Controlling LED with a Switch using Raspberry Pi
  • Project 3: Integrating IR Sensor with Raspberry Pi
  • Project 4: Integrating DHT11 with Raspberry Pi
  • Project 5: Sending Sensor Data to Cloud using Raspberry Pi

 Introduction to MQTT & Communication protocol for IoT

  • Understanding MQTT
  • Difference between HTTP & MQTT
  • Understanding MQTT Broker
  • Understating Publish & Subscribe Methods
  • Project 6: Installing the server on Raspberry Pi
  • Project 7: Connecting Arduino with Raspberry Pi Server
  • Project 8: MQTT Subscribe from Arduino
  • Project 9: MQTT Publish from Arduino


  • Get your career started with the learnings on embedded systems and IOT in the fields of Manufacturing, Data Science, Smart Cities, Infrastructure, Healthcare and many others.
  • "Certificate of Participation” for all participants issued by “ELITE TECHNO GROUPS” accredited by International organization for Standardisation, United Kingdom (U.K).
  • Complete technical support to all participants after the internship for research, paper presentations, participating in any events and future studies.


  • The internship is designed for all year students of engineering from CS,  Electronics, IT, Electrical, Mechanical, Automotive and Industrial Engineering.
  • All year students from BCA / BBA can also participate and learn advanced technological skills.
  • Diploma Engineer's interested in pursuing further studies on a part-time or full-time basis.
  • Internet of things (IOT) enthusiasts (undergrad & passed out’s).  
  • Pursuing or passed out M.S. students/ M. Tech.


Rs. 5000/- per participant including all taxes (no extra charges to participants for any activity during the training)

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What Student say about us

The practical knowledge gained from attending the event is really valuable and is generally not possible in the Academic programme of our Engineering as I've seen in my 2 years of college. I can proudly say now that I've built a vehicle of my own and now there is a sense of satisfaction as I can say that I have achieved something in my field apart from just acquiring the theoretical knowledge.

Yuvraj Pardeshi
20-12-201815-Day Internship in VIT, Pune, 2018

I had always dreamt of making a car or a bike but never really could do anything, this is the first time when I actually got to work on building a car of my own. It's just out of the world experience for me, truly amazing.

Rushabh Gala
08-01-201915-Day Internship in VIT, Pune, 2018

The best thing was when the engine came to life, felt so great and I find it tough to put it in words. Got to work in a really hardworking team and learn some really valuable things related to my professional field and at personal level as well.

Munashe Munyayi
30-03-20198-Day Internship in Parul, Vadodara, 2019

We got to not just witness but also work at such a high scale which is not possible in classroom academics. The feeling of seeing the car, made by your time-effort-energy, run on the grounds is unmatchable. An amazing learning experience.

Chelsea Chinyamutsotsonya
28-03-20198-Day Internship in Parul, Vadodara, 2019

The whole programme was thoroughly enjoyable, you got to learn a lot from every bit of it and I'm sure all the knowledge is going to be really crucial in my career ahead.

26-03-20198-Day Internship in MIT-WPU, Pune, 2019

I had a very unique and different experience in the programme, learning with the best minds of different cities/colleges of the country. The exposure I got here is a 'Must-Have' for every student who is enthusiastic enough to build his/her career in Automotive Industry.

Jui Kulkarni
23-03-20198-Day Internship in MIT-WPU, Pune, 2019

We got to build our own car, the best hands on experience one can ever get in such a lomited period Workshop, it's the best feeling ever to drive the car built by your own efforts and sweat.

Jai Kishan Trivedi
21-03-20198-Day Internship in Vadodara, 2019

The teaching of Elite Techno Groups is very structured, all trainers are very knowledgable and credible. This is the only event that gave me the practical exposure otherwise all other Workshops that I attended were mostly Theoretical and so my experience here was incredible.

Bhavya Kumar
21-03-20198-Day Internship in Vadodara, 2019