15/ 30/ 45 Day Summer Internship on HYBRID ATV/ F1 Race Car Design and Development

15/ 30/ 45 Day Summer Internship on HYBRID ATV/ F1 Race Car Design and Development


Course curriculum designed and guided by our reputed experts from Formula 1 and Automotive companies like Mercedes, Polaris, Ashok Leyland, Tata, Mahindra etc.

Learn Industrial Practical Implementation of the theory you study in your academics by experiencing case study based learning and by fabricating a HYBRID (Electric + Petrol)  ATV/ F1 Race Car starting from dynamically calculating the exact specification of all the subsystems, validating your calculations by designing and analysis of the prototype on automotive softwares and fabricate it from scratch to analyze the designing limitations of your model, at the end RIGOROUS run of the vehicle performed by all participant for 16 Hours to test its limits and to optimize its performance.

After the 15 Days Internship, Participant can opt for additional "15/ 30 Days Industrial Based Projects Internship" (without any fee) and  can complete it with their regular academics under the guidance of mentors from top automotive companies research team.

Participants who successfully complete the project in the given deadline will be rewarded with the Industrial Internship Certificate of 30/45 days recognized by International Organisation of Standardisation, United Kingdom.


Day 1: Automobile Static Engineering

In this part we will be discussing static parts of automobile that how each and every component works:

  • Fundamentals of chassis design - Tub chassis (recently used by koenigsegg Agera R), All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) chassis, Sports & passenger car chassis, torsional rigidity of chassis, lite weight materials, welding and joining process
  • Suspension system - Double wishbone suspension, Solid Axle suspension, Hotchkiss suspensions, 2 Four-Link suspensions, De Dion suspensions, Air suspension, MacPherson suspension, All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) suspension, suspension isolation
  • Braking system - Hydraulic braking, Wedge braking, Power assistance braking, ABS with EBD
  • Steering system - Hydraulic power steering, Electric steering, Worm & Sector, Four wheels turning  
  • Engine working and fundamentals - Square engines, V cylinder engines, Power-Economy relations
  • Types of chassis, Braking, Steering, Suspension and their disadvantages and advantages
Day 2 to 4: Dynamic Calculations

In this part we will be discussing dynamics of automobile in deep and discuss how to balance all the components of a car:

  • Fundamentals of chassis design, Future vehicles materials technology, Chassis materials, Impact loading, Welding and joining process, Light metals for chassis, Smart materials, simulation of various types of chassis, Tolerance in designing, Bending strength calculation by using software
  • Braking system - Brake design methodology, Kinetic analysis of vehicle, Braking with a constant braking ratio, Brake forces, Aero drag, Rolling resistance, Driveline Drag, Brake performance parameters, Brake stopping distance calculations, Brake stopping time calculation, Combination valves, ABS with EBD, Brake disc heat dissipation theory, Brake Disc Designing, Braking efficiency, Weigh load transfer
  • Steering system - Steering dynamics, High speed turning, Low speed turning calculations, Four wheel steering mechanism, Turning radius calculations, Critical speed for turning, Over steering, Under steering, Ackerman principle, Rack and Pinion steering, Power steering, EPS, Steering torque, Caster, Camber, Kingpin, Caster trail, Steering kinematics, Steering damper, Tie rod length and position, Characteristics speed, Under-steer gradient, Cornering equations
  • Engine working and fundamentals - Abnormal combustion in spark ignition engines, Gasoline and Diesel additives, Ignition system overview, Ignition process, Ignition timing selection and control, Mixture preparation, Development of the three-way c catalyst, Durability, Catalyst light-off, Lean-Bum NOx-reducing catalysts, "DENOx, working and explanation of latest technologies like CRDI engine and many more
  • Motor and Controller: DC motors, Types of DC motors, Vehicle Motor specifications, Controller circuit, Hybrid Circuit, vehicle Driving Modes, EV transmission components, Force velocity characteristics, Maximum gradability, Velocity and acceleration, Tractive power, Energy required
  • Battery managment & Parameters: Alternative fuel cells, brushless DC Motor, Torque speed characteristics, Torque production, energy conversion, Drive controllers, Power converters, Vehicle hybrid Layout with engine, Series and parallel hybrid layouts, charging methods, Lead acid battery, Li-ion battery
  • Transmission fundamentals - Friction clutches torque capability of an axial, Clutch uniform wear, Gear theory, Transmission power flows, Synchronizer operation, Van Doorne continuously variable transmission (CVT), Drive shafts, Hooke's joints shaft whirl, Transmission matching selecting the engine size and final drive ratio for maximum speed, Traction limited acceleration, Traction limits, Transverse weight shift due to drive torque, Dynamic axel loads
  • Suspension dynamics - Spring and Damper designing, Roll center calculations for different suspension mechanism, Roll Center Analysis, Wishbone suspension Roll Center calculation, Pitch/Bounce frequency, Suspension isolation, Suspension stiffness,  Vehicle motion about the roll axis, Active suspensions, effect on cornering, Roll moment, Camber change, Roll steer
Day 4 to 7: Automotive Designing and Analysis
  • Introduction to CAD designing: Basic use of CAD tools, 2D drafting and aannotation with smart dimensions, 3D designing and 3D sketching of ATV/ F1 race car chassis, 3D Part modeling of all subsystems
  • Weldment, Boss/extrude, Revolve features, Customize material profile, New library part profile making, Surface generation, Standard design parameter for modeling, Part modelling
  • Frame & Chassis: Ergonomics consideration in chassis, Tolerance consideration in designing, Different material profiles, Coordinates systems, Trim/Extend in design, Weld joint and stress distribution, Truss concept utilization, Fast modeling techniques of software, Introduction to structural members and evaluation of design
  • Steering system: Components introduction, Component demonstration, Data sheet distribution, Modeling Steering Wheel, Wheel Hub, Steering Shaft, Rack & Pinion, Tie Rods, Ball joints, universal Joint
  • Braking system: Modeling of braking system components Like- Master Cylinder, Caliper, Brake disc, Brake hose, Wheel hub and Knuckle
  • Suspension system: Modeling of Double Wishbones, Suspension mountings, Dampers & spring as per calculations
  • Engine, Transmission & Electric system: Gear Reduction input shaft or Output shaft, Drive shaft modeling, Coupling shaft of hybrid mode, Electric driver or driven shaft, Engine assembly, Motor assembly, Coupling of engine and motor with transmission and rear axel
  • Wheel assembly: Front & rear wheel, Hub, Knuckle, Wishbone with dampers assembly on frame, Pedal assembly in driver cockpit
  • Simuation and Analysis:
    Thermal simulation of brake disc for parameters,
    Torsional Test of chassis, Torsional test of drive shaft,
    Static simulation of wheel hub and Knuckle,
    F.E.A – stress analysis on chassis design, Front, Side and Toppling impact FEA
    Frequency simulation of suspension, Buckling simulation of mountings
    Non linear simulation, Buckling test, Drop test of parts,
    Motion study of Vehicle sub components
  • Drawing sheet: Chassis for fabrication, Industrial drawing sheet, Wishbone drawing sheet, Trailing arm drawing sheet, drawing sheet tolerance and unit parameters
Day 8 to 14: ATV Development & Fabrication
  • Bending, cutting, profiling: Bending Machine Installation and error factors, Cutting of primary members, marking & bending of primary members, Profile curving of pipes for welding of frame, double wishbones, A-arms, engine mounting etc. as per drawing sheet dimensions
  • Suspension & Braking assembly: Fabrication of double wishbone, trailing arm suspensions, Damper fixing, Caster/camber fixing, Front & rear knuckle, Hub, Disc, Caliper installation, Half shaft fixing, Bearing installation in hub/knuckle, Master cylinder assembly with mounting, Brake bleeding, Brake, Clutch & Positive pedal stop fixing
  • Drivetrain installation: Fabrication of Engine mounting, Engine cranking and tuning, Acceleration assembly installation, Fixing of mounting angle and position
  • DC motor & control mounting: Installation as per design, Couple Shaft Installation, Wiring shielding fixing in vehicle, Hybrid mode connections
  • Battery mounting & connections: Fabrication of battery mounting & welding on frame, Battery controller fixing and connections
  • Steering assembly: Fabrication of steering rack and pinion mounting, Steering hold bracket fabrication, Caster/camber/KPI fixing, Stub axle welding, column fixing and alignments testing
  • Final assembly: Clutch working testing, Chassis grinding, Fixing Wheel assembly with dampers to frame, Powertrain adjustment, Electric pedal assembly tuning, Seat fixing, Graphic & body works, Belly-pan & Firewall cutting & mountings
Day 14 & 15: Test Run & Tunning of Vehicle
  • After complete fabrication, each participant will do rigorous test run of the Hybrid ATV & F1 race car and will optimize its performance: Tuning of mechanical errors like engine tuning, Clutch, Brakes, Suspension, Steering free play, Toe-in, Toe-out etc.
  • Testing: Comparison of dynamically calculated results with the running vehicle performance: Acceleration test, Brake test, Cornering ability test, Hybrid mode test, Electric mode test, Engine mode test, Gradeability etc.
  • Quiz test for certificate of appreciation & orientation session on "Scope in Automotive Sector & Career guidance program”.
Day 15: Industrial Project Allotment
  • Participants who desire to use the knowledge learned in last 15 days can take designing or research based automotive industry based projects of 30/ 45 Days and complete it with their regular academics under the guidance of Elite Techno Groups Research Team , participants who successfully complete the project in the given deadline will be rewarded with the Industrial Internship Certificate of 30/45 days recognized by International Organisation of Standardisation, United Kingdom.


  • Learn from the best in the business.
  • Do 30/45 days industrial projects under the guidance of automotive research associates.
  • "Certificate of Participation” for all participants issued by “ELITE TECHNO GROUPS” accredited by International organization for Standardisation, United Kingdom (U.K).
  • Top 5 scorer will be rewarded with “Certificate of Appreciation”.
  • Preparedness for race and design competitions organized by renowned automotive competitions such as BAJA, FORMULA-SAE, Go-Kart, Hybrid Vehicles, etc.

Course Kit

Every Participant will get a DVD containing 32 ebooks, dynamic calculations of different type of vehicles, videos tutorials of complex subsystems for further references. 


  • The internship is designed for B.E/B.Tech - Automobile, Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical, Production and Industrial engineering students.
  • Diploma Engineers interested in pursuing further studies on the part time or full-time basis.
  • Automotive enthusiasts (undergrad & passed out’s).  


Rs. 11600/- per participant including course kit and all taxes (no extra charges to participants for any activity during the training).


Accommodation and food facility is available on campus and nearby at a reasonable rate of Rs. 250-400/- per day per participant.

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Ahmad Arman
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I was amazed at the learning i received in this workshop

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