08 Day Internship on Gasoline/ Electric Formula Race Car Design & Development

08 Day Internship on Gasoline/ Electric Formula Race Car Design & Development

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Nadiad 03-May-20 to 10-May-20 Dharamsinh Desai University
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Course curriculum designed and guided by our reputed experts from Formula 1 and Automotive companies like Mercedes, Polaris, Ashok Leyland, Tata, Mahindra etc.

Learn Industrial Practical Implementation of the theory you study in your academics by experiencing case study based learning and by fabricating a Gasoline & Electric Formula 5 Race Car starting from dynamically calculating the exact specification of all the subsystems, validating your calculations by designing and analysis of the prototype on automotive software and fabricate it from scratch to analyze the designing limitations of your model, at the end RIGOROUS run of the vehicle performed by all participant to test its limits and to optimize its performance.

To connect students with the industry: After the 8-day internship, you can work from your college on a 30/45 day Industrial designing project under the guidance of mentors from the research teams of top automotive companies.



  • Automotive chassis & structures
  • Automotive chassis design methodology
  • Geometrical comparison of different types of chassis
  • Integral structures, Lotus tub frame, Hybrid back-bone space frame
  • Chassis material selection procedure, Future light materials
  • Chassis shear force and Bending moment
  • Mass moment of inertia, Bending & Torsional stiffness
  • Roll structure testing, Survival cell side test, Cockpit rim test


  • Performance characteristics of gasoline & Diesel engine
  • Geometrical properties of the reciprocating engine
  • Latest engine technologies (MPFI, TDI, GDI, PFI, FI) technologies
  • SI engine fuel metering & manifold phenomena
  • Engine specific weight & volume, Fuel injection system,
  • Specific fuel consumption efficiency
  • Air & Fuel flow phenomena, Turbulence models, Fuel spray models
  • Exhaust pollutant, Control, EGR

Automotive designing as per dynamics of a formula 5 race car:

  • Introduction of automotive designing software
  • Study of automotive engineering drawings
  • Design sketching in CAD software
  • Extrude Boss/Base, Revolve, Sweep, Loft
  • Weldment application in a frame
  • Trim/Extend command for frame profiling


  • Transmission types and working
  • Manual transmissions, CVT, Automatic, etc.
  • Clutch losses in transmission
  • Gear ratios calculations, Final drive gear ratio
  • Gearbox mass characteristics.
  • Vehicle acceleration & performance calculations
  • The maximum tractive force available on wheels
  • Transmission efficiency of the final drive


  • Brakes working & principles
  • Hydraulic brake designing
  • Brake energy/ power
  • Federal requirements for braking performance
  • ABS & weight transfer
  • Braking distance calculations
  • Braking time and distance calculations


  • Chassis FEA simulation
  • Front impact FEA
  • Side Impact FEA
  • Rollover
  • The factor of safety and maximum shear stress
  • Modeling of race car spare parts like -Tyre, Rim, Wheel hub, Rear Axle & Brake Disc


  • Steering statics and types
  • Hydraulic steering, Electric steering & ESP
  • Low & high speed turning
  • Cornering equation
  • Understeer gradient
  • Neutral steer, Understeer, Oversteer & Critical speed for tuning
  • Characteristic speed
  • Ackerman & tangent Speed

Vehicle Dynamics:

  • Vehicle fixed coordinate system
  • Earth-fixed coordinate system
  • Translation & rotational system

Designing: CAD modeling of the following Parts

  • Steering tie rods
  • Steering shaft
  • Pitman's arm
  • Stub axles
  • Steering wheels
  • Gear modeling with equation
  • Assembly of the rear powertrain in Formula Race Car and motion analysis of working system
  • Engine modeling
  • Seat Import
  • Bodywork with decals modeling         

Designing Simulations:

  • Static simulations of the wheel hub
  • Thermal simulation of the brake disc
  • Static simulation of sprocket hub
  • Stress, Strain, Torsion rigidity analysis of chassis
  • What are electric vehicles?
  • Motor with gear-box
  • Traction motor characteristics
  • Acceleration time for an electric vehicle
  • PHDT with speed coupling
  • Electrochemical batteries
  • Ultracapacitors
  • Hybridization of energy storage
  • Design calculations for EV vehicle

1. BLDC Motor: Electric vehicle configurations, Motor & Battery selection procedure, BLDC machine construction and Classification, Performance Analysis and Control of BLDC Motor, BLDC motor Transmissions, Sensorless Techniques, Motor torque & RPM graph study.

2. Energy Source: Automotive Battery Technologies, Lead-Acid Battery, Nickel-based Batteries, Lithium-based batteries, Electrochemical Reactions, Energy Consumption, Ultracapacitors, Hy-speed flywheel, Hybridization of energy storage, Fundamentals of the regenerative braking system (Braking energy V/s Vehicle speed).

3. Controller: Drivetrain control methodology, EV vehicles' 36 tube controller circuit diagram & explanation.

4. Vehicle Calculations: Vehicle resistance, Power train tractive effort & vehicle speed,  Extend speed & acceleration Technology, Vehicle range calculations, Battery chargers and charging time, Gradiblity (in degree), Load carrying capacity.

In this part, participants will be fabricating the Gasoline/ Electric Formula race car as per their design developed in the first 4 days of internship.

  • Pipes cutting, Bending for roll cage
  • Roll cage profile generation
  • Roll cage welding and weld check confirmation
  • Development of engine & transmission mounting
  • Attachment of sub-components holder
  • Engine mounting and it’s tuning
  • Coupling of engine & transmission
  • Couple shaft & transmission assembly
  • Rear axle assembly
  • Brake bleeding and installation of braking, Steering assembly
  • Floor tray & Firewall mounting
  • Final vehicle assembly with all sub-components (Steering, Braking, Suspension, E&T, Safety etc.)
  • Wheel assembly of the front and rear drive vehicles
  • Graphics and Bodyworks

After complete fabrication, each participant will do a rigorous test run of the fabricated vehicle and will optimize its performance: 

  • Tuning of mechanical errors like engine tuning, Clutch, Brakes, Suspension, Steering free play, Toe-in, Toe-out etc.

Testing: Comparison of dynamically calculated results with the running vehicle performance:

  • Acceleration test, Brake test, Cornering ability test, Electric mode test, Engine mode test, Gradeability etc.

​​​​​​​Presentations and Future Opportunities:

  • Business plan presentations
  • Vehicle design presentation
  • Industrial project allotment
  • Orientation session on "Career in Automotive Sector"
  • Certificate & Prize Distribution

Participants who desire to use the knowledge learned in 8 days internship can take designing or research-based automotive industry based designing projects of 30/45 Days and complete it with their regular academics under the guidance of mentors from the research teams of top automotive companies, participants who successfully complete the project in the given deadline will be rewarded with the Industrial Internship Certificate of 30/45 days recognized by the International Organisation of Standardisation, United Kingdom.

Why to Join

  • Work with the best in the automotive industry.
  • "Certificate of Participation” to be issued to all participants by “ELITE TECHNO GROUPS” accredited by International organization for Standardisation, United Kingdom (U.K).
  • Automotive research-based industrial designing project allotment of 30/45 days to interested participants (no extra fee).
  • Complete technical support to all participants after the internship for research, paper presentations, participating in any race and design competitions (BAJA, FORMULA-SAE, Go-Kart, Electric/ Hybrid Vehicles, etc.).

Course Kit

Every Participant will get an access to ETG Library:

  • 50+ E-Book on various subsystems on “Automotive Dynamics and Designing”  
  • Videos of dynamics and working of various types of engines, electric vehicles (motor, controller, battery), transmission, steering, suspension, braking, and chassis etc.
  • Tutorials videos for designing & simulations of automotive designing software for further references.

Who all can attend

  • B. Tech: The internship is designed for all year students of B.Tech from Mechanical, Automobile, Electronics, Electrical, Production, and Industrial Engineering.
  • Diploma Engineers: interested in pursuing further studies on a part-time or full-time basis.
  • Automotive enthusiasts: (undergrad & passed out’s).  
  • M. Tech./ M.S: pursuing or passed out engineers..


Rs. 5500/- per participant inclusive of all taxes along with:

  • Lifetime access to ETG e-library
  • Tutorial videos
  • 30/ 45 Days Industrial based projects internship
  • Vehicle fabrication consumables
  • Certification cost
  • Human Resources fee

(No extra charges to participants for any activity)

Frequent Asked Questions

The faculty will be from the automotive domain and have good experience and expertise in the field of vehicle dynamics designing & development.

Certificate of Participation will be provided for all participants issued by “ELITE TECHNO GROUPS” accredited by the International Organization for Standardisation, United Kingdom(U.K).

30/45 Days internship is a virtual “Automotive Industry Based Designing Project”.
During 8-day internship list of projects on different subsystems (Steering, braking, suspension, etc.) and on a different type of vehicles (Race Vehicle, Off Road, Commercial, Industrial Vehicles - Electric or Gasoline type) will be offered. 

  • A topic of interest can be selected and can be worked on from respective college or remote location for next 30/45 days. 
  • This project can be done individually or in a group of 4 members (Participants of the ETG internship from any college)
  • The project then needs to be completed and submitted online as per the deadline. The research team will review it and if any improvement is required, it will be conveyed and necessary changes can be made and resubmitted. Another certificate of 30/45 day virtual internship on the chosen topic will be rewarded.

Individual and in the group, both types of participants can attend this internship.

Yes, ETG will set up a fabrication lab at the venue where all the machinery, raw material, tools, components of the vehicle to be built will be provided, under the guidance of experts.

  • After design and analysis, fabrication of the vehicle will be done as per the design of the Formula 5 Race car from the scratch including the cutting of pipes, grinding, welding, etc.

  • Also, Participants will fabricate the mounting of all the subsystems and will do the assembly of the disc, caliper, master cylinder to make the brake system ready, Motor Controller & Battery installation, etc. will be done, as per whether it is gasoline or an electric vehicle.

  • On the last day, a rigorous test drive of the vehicle and optimization of its performance will be done to match the simulation results.

Not mandatory. Participants who have laptops can bring it for designing purposes, arrangements at the venue will be made on a sharing basis in case of the absence of the same.

There is a program called ‘Refer a Friend’ which can help you get discounts. In this, you can refer the workshop to your friends. On each enrollment, you and your friend both will get 300/- cashback, which can be used to pay your 2nd installment. While referring your friends, ask them to mention your registered email id while doing the payment after registration and the cash back will be reflected in both of your profiles.


Accommodation and food facility is available at all the venues as per the rates and facilities mentioned in below table.

Charges & Facility

Video Testimonials

What Student say about us

The practical knowledge gained from attending the event is really valuable and is generally not possible in the Academic programme of our Engineering as I've seen in my 2 years of college. I can proudly say now that I've built a vehicle of my own and now there is a sense of satisfaction as I can say that I have achieved something in my field apart from just acquiring the theoretical knowledge.

Yuvraj Pardeshi
20-12-201815-Day Internship in VIT, Pune, 2018

I had always dreamt of making a car or a bike but never really could do anything, this is the first time when I actually got to work on building a car of my own. It's just out of the world experience for me, truly amazing.

Rushabh Gala
08-01-201915-Day Internship in VIT, Pune, 2018

The best thing was when the engine came to life, felt so great and I find it tough to put it in words. Got to work in a really hardworking team and learn some really valuable things related to my professional field and at personal level as well.

Munashe Munyayi
30-03-20198-Day Internship in Parul, Vadodara, 2019

We got to not just witness but also work at such a high scale which is not possible in classroom academics. The feeling of seeing the car, made by your time-effort-energy, run on the grounds is unmatchable. An amazing learning experience.

Chelsea Chinyamutsotsonya
28-03-20198-Day Internship in Parul, Vadodara, 2019

The whole programme was thoroughly enjoyable, you got to learn a lot from every bit of it and I'm sure all the knowledge is going to be really crucial in my career ahead.

26-03-20198-Day Internship in MIT-WPU, Pune, 2019

I had a very unique and different experience in the programme, learning with the best minds of different cities/colleges of the country. The exposure I got here is a 'Must-Have' for every student who is enthusiastic enough to build his/her career in Automotive Industry.

Jui Kulkarni
23-03-20198-Day Internship in MIT-WPU, Pune, 2019

We got to build our own car, the best hands on experience one can ever get in such a lomited period Workshop, it's the best feeling ever to drive the car built by your own efforts and sweat.

Jai Kishan Trivedi
21-03-20198-Day Internship in Vadodara, 2019

The teaching of Elite Techno Groups is very structured, all trainers are very knowledgable and credible. This is the only event that gave me the practical exposure otherwise all other Workshops that I attended were mostly Theoretical and so my experience here was incredible.

Bhavya Kumar
21-03-20198-Day Internship in Vadodara, 2019