Masters Program in Autonomous Vehicles

Masters Program in Autonomous Vehicles

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Online 26-Oct-20 to 03-Jan-21
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Online 02-Nov-20 to 10-Jan-21
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Online 09-Nov-20 to 17-Jan-21
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About The Course

Masters Program
This is the first of its kind program, designed for Engineers to learn how Autonomous Vehicles work and this includes Cars & Trucks. You will learn everything from the basics of Python to Advanced AI concepts & IoT used in Autonomous Vehicles. After the completion of the program, you will be able to design a complete driver assistance system for an autonomous vehicle.

Quick Brief:

  • 3000+ minutes of Learning
  • 8 Industrial Projects to Work On
  • In-depth concepts of Self-Driving Cars
  • Weekly Live Doubt Sessions with experts
  • Dedicated Doubt Support Team
  • International Certificate to Participants
  • Additional Certificate of Project Report
  • Letter of Recommendation to the best performers
  • Access to Webinars & Industry Mentor

Skills you will Acquire:
Get Industry-ready skills of Connected and Autonomous vehicles from a beginner to a professional level.

  • Python Programming
  • Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib
  • Image Processing with OpenCV
  • Artificial Intelligence with Python
  • Machine Learning with Python
  • Deep Learning or Neural Networks
  • Keras
  • IoT with Arduino
  • Universal IoT control Systems using ESP8266
  • Arduino Programming
  • Integrate IoT with Deep Learning
  • Autonomous Vehicle with Steering Control
  • Obstacle Detection and Segmentation Techniques
  • Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS)

Tools/ Software Learnt
We teach you from scratch, with no prior knowledge required!

  • Python
  • Arduino
  • Python IDLE
  • Terminal, Command Prompt
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • ESP8266

Why take an Internship on Autonomous Vehicle?

Demand for Engineers with a deep understanding of Self Driving Cars is going up as the world is transitioning towards Automation with extensive R&D happening all across the world.

  • Be a part of the ever-evolving industry that serves billions
  • Build your own Self Driving Car with the same technologies used by Google, Tesla, Waymo
  • Learn multiple skills like AI, IoT, and Computer Vision
  • Become Industry and future-ready
  • Entry point for R&D and Higher Education

Job Roles available In Autonomous Vehicles

As the Autonomous industry is at its peak, this course will help you gain skills which are required in the following roles by the industry -

  • Autonomous Vehicle Engineer
  • Programming Engineer
  • Development Engineer
  • ADAS Engineer
  • Simulation Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Computer Vision Expert
  • Perception Engineer

Who will be my Mentor for this Internship?

  • Ashish Jangra
    Autonomous Vehicles Expert
    Developed 40+ Industrial Projects, Mentored 7000+ students
    Expertise: AI, IoT, and Computer Vision

Projects discussed during the Internship

  1. Self Driving Car Simulation and IoT integration
  2. Adaptive Cruise Control
  3. Moving and Static Obstacle Detection
  4. Automatic Parking Assistance
  5. Driver Drowsiness Detection
  6. Emergency Braking System (ADAS)
  7. Traffic Sign Recognition
  8. Semantic Segmentation

We offer you a Full Money Back Guarantee!

Best Content & Service at the most affordable pricing.

Our mission is to help engineers with the best knowledge at the price they can afford. And we are driven by this.
You get a full refund of the fee if:
1. You show us a course better in content & perks, yet lower in price than ours.
2. If you are unsatisfied with the course content after attending it for the first 10 days.

Module wise Description

- Levels of Autonomous Vehicles
- Self Driving Car Architecture 
- AV Technologies like Computer Vision, Sensor Fusion, IoT and Artificial Intelligence
- Advance Driver Assistance System
- Traffic Sign Recognises
- Automatic Parking (Park Assist)
- Adaptive Cruise Control
- Driver’s Drowsiness Detection
- Self Driving Car Simulation
- Automatic Steering Control

- Python Programming
- Basics of Python
- Data Structures with Python
- Numpy 
- Pandas
- Working on Datasets
- Data Preprocessing Techniques
- Data Visualisations
- Dataset Exploration Assignment
- Dataset Preprocessing & Visualisations Assignment

- Introduction to AI
- Sub Modules of AI
- Machine Learning
- Deep Learning
- Reinforcement Learning
- Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning
- AI Terminologies
- Deep Learning and Neural Networks
- Working of Neural Networks
- Human Brain vs Computer Neural Network
- Supervised Learning Algorithms
- Unsupervised Learning Algorithms
- Reinforcement Learning Algorithms

- Basics OpenCV
- Advanced OpenCV
- Convolutional Neural Networks
- MNIST Digit Recognised Project
- Drowsiness Detection

- Basics of Microcontrollers
- Arduino Walkthrough
- Arduino IDE Setup
- Basic Arduino Programming
- Arduino Communication with Python
- Smart Key to turn On-off Your Vehicle from Anywhere
- Facial Recognition based Vehicle Lock

- Simulation Plus Servo motor Driving
- Ultrasonic Sensor for automatic Breaks
- Manual Driving Data Collection
- Data Preprocessing Techniques
- Model Training on Custom Dataset
- Final Driving Module for your Dataset
- Advanced Computer Vision Techniques
- Obstacle Detection
- Semantic Segmentation
- Traffic Sign Recognition

Why take this course?

  • This course prepares you with the knowledge of fundamentals and advanced projects. With this, you can be ready for challenges in the competitions.
  • Work with the best in the automotive industry.
  • "Certificate of Participation” to be issued to all participants by “ELITE TECHNO GROUPS” accredited by International organization for Standardisation, United Kingdom (U.K).
  • Automotive research-based industrial designing project allotment of 30 days to interested participants (no extra fee).
  • Complete technical support to all participants after the internship for research, paper presentations, etc.

Who Can Attend?

  • B. Tech/B.E: The internship is designed for all year students of B.Tech from Automobile, Mechanical, Computer Science, IT, Electronics, Electrical, Production, and Industrial Engineering.
  • M. Tech./ M.S/M.E: pursuing or passed out engineers.
  • Pursuing job/ Graduate: Looking to upgrade their knowledge in Automotive domain
  • Diploma Engineers: interested in pursuing further studies on a part-time or full-time basis.


Rs. 6600/- per participant inclusive of all taxes along with:

  • 3000+ minutes of Learning
  • 8 Industrial Projects to Work On
  • International Certificate to Participants
  • Additional Certificate of Project Report
  • Letter of Recommendation to the best performers
  • Lifetime access to tutorial videos

(No extra charges to participants for any further activity)

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Frequent Asked Questions

Around 25 min to 50 min a day depending on the module.

Videos will be released between 4 PM & 7 PM. And, it is not necessary that a video will be released daily or there will be only one video a day. It will be flexible as per the modules.

One of the most important parts of the learning process is doubt clarification. Hence, we will be providing you three avenues to clarify doubts!

a.       Recommended: You can ask your doubts on the portal itself and the answers would be provided
b.      There would be weekly live sessions where you can ask questions directly from the expert
c.       Also, we will set up a WhatsApp group to ensure regular answering of your doubts.

This internship is designed keeping in mind the uncertainties around the academics during Corona

a. You can start the Internship now. you can watch the videos as per your convenience if the colleges open and complete the assignments as you proceed
b. The content would be available at least for a year
c. There will be regular doubt sessions and assignment reviews to ensure you don’t miss out on anything.


This internship is designed to ensure that you can pace it up as per your academic curriculum.
-  There will be regular doubt sessions and assignment reviews to ensure you don’t miss out on anything if you have missed some sessions in the course of the program

This internship would require you to do assignments and projects on a regular basis.
- Hence, it is good to have a laptop. Configuration for laptop - i3 or above. Preferred to have i5 or above. Ram 4 GB or more
- Software: There are multiple platforms where you can get the software required for the internship. So no need to worry if you don’t have them already


These are recorded videos so that you can have them all the time with you. These will help you plan your learning accordingly given the uncertainties in the college opening and exams!

a. Yes, you can start late and cover-up as these are recorded sessions
b. Videos and assignments will be uploaded on a regular basis for the Internship. You can attend them as per your convenience.
c. The content would be available at least for a year
d. However, for the best benefit, it would be great if you could do it along with the batch.




In that case, there are more reasons for you to take this internship! This internship is prepared from the basics. We will take you through the fundamentals of building a good understanding of automotive engineering. This will make you ready to take up tougher challenges in this space!

Certificate of Participation is accredited by the International Organization for Standardization, United Kingdom (U.K). This is valid world wide!

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How does it work?
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Our Faculties have worked at senior positions with Automotive Giants of India & the USA.

For instance one of the experts of your Course, Mr. Sundar Iyer, has 7+ years of experience in R&D of Volvo-CE and Honda, USA. His area of expertise is Suspension Dynamics and Design.
Like this, there are other automotive experts who will teach you the complete course.

5 Weekly Assignment in 6 weeks
Every Friday you will receive one industry-related assignment to all the subsystems/ major concepts you have learned in the week. These assignments will be related to Design, Calculation, Research, Analysis, etc. and can be individual.
The purpose of these assignments is to make you implement the concepts you have learned in that week by the experts.

1-2 Major Project Post Completion of Course
You can also opt for a 1-month online-based industrial-project internship (without any extra fee/ charges) after completion of the 10-week course. These Projects will involve in-depth use of multiple departments (Suspension, steering, braking, transmission, chassis, etc.) and can be done individually or in a group of 4-5 members.



You will be owning an Internationally accredited certificate recognized by the ISO United Kingdom which will add a lot of value in your resume. Company/College can verify your certificate through a unique certificate no. at -

Along with the certificate, you will be provided an Experience Report which will have details like your work in the project, learning, performance, etc. of all the projects and assignments done by you. You could also showcase it to your college and recruiters.


10-Week Internship begins from the scratch covering all the topics taught in the 6-week Internship. Hence, you need not take the 6-Week Internship before 10-week one. For details on differences, check here (link with section)

Video Testimonials

What Student say about us

The practical knowledge gained from attending the event is really valuable and is generally not possible in the Academic programme of our Engineering as I've seen in my 2 years of college. I can proudly say now that I've built a vehicle of my own and now there is a sense of satisfaction as I can say that I have achieved something in my field apart from just acquiring the theoretical knowledge.

Yuvraj Pardeshi
20-12-201815-Day Internship in VIT, Pune, 2018

I had always dreamt of making a car or a bike but never really could do anything, this is the first time when I actually got to work on building a car of my own. It's just out of the world experience for me, truly amazing.

Rushabh Gala
08-01-201915-Day Internship in VIT, Pune, 2018

The best thing was when the engine came to life, felt so great and I find it tough to put it in words. Got to work in a really hardworking team and learn some really valuable things related to my professional field and at personal level as well.

Munashe Munyayi
30-03-20198-Day Internship in Parul, Vadodara, 2019

We got to not just witness but also work at such a high scale which is not possible in classroom academics. The feeling of seeing the car, made by your time-effort-energy, run on the grounds is unmatchable. An amazing learning experience.

Chelsea Chinyamutsotsonya
28-03-20198-Day Internship in Parul, Vadodara, 2019

The whole programme was thoroughly enjoyable, you got to learn a lot from every bit of it and I'm sure all the knowledge is going to be really crucial in my career ahead.

26-03-20198-Day Internship in MIT-WPU, Pune, 2019

I had a very unique and different experience in the programme, learning with the best minds of different cities/colleges of the country. The exposure I got here is a 'Must-Have' for every student who is enthusiastic enough to build his/her career in Automotive Industry.

Jui Kulkarni
23-03-20198-Day Internship in MIT-WPU, Pune, 2019

We got to build our own car, the best hands on experience one can ever get in such a lomited period Workshop, it's the best feeling ever to drive the car built by your own efforts and sweat.

Jai Kishan Trivedi
21-03-20198-Day Internship in Vadodara, 2019

The teaching of Elite Techno Groups is very structured, all trainers are very knowledgable and credible. This is the only event that gave me the practical exposure otherwise all other Workshops that I attended were mostly Theoretical and so my experience here was incredible.

Bhavya Kumar
21-03-20198-Day Internship in Vadodara, 2019